About Me

Hi everyone!

My name is Gabi, I’m 12 years old, and I live in the Comox Valley in British Columbia, Canada.
I’m in a grade 6 and 7 split class, but I’m in grade 7.

I love animals, sports, theatre, reading, writing, and chilling with my friends.
I’m part of the local track and field club, and I love to throw, sprint, jump, basically everything you can do in Track and Field! I recently went to a provincial championship track meet and got first place in Hammer throw!

I have a pen pal named Catharine at a senior care home in my town. We write letters to each other and talk about what we’re doing in our lives, and exciting things that are happening.

I’m part of the cross country team at my school, as well as the volleyball team. Both are really fun, and I’m glad I’m taking part in them. I also do dance for two hours a week, and I take jazz and ballet. I’ve been dancing since I was three years old!

My parents aren’t married anymore, so I go back and forth between two different houses. I have two cats at my Dad’s house, Dave and Enka, two bunnies at my Mom’s house, Picket and Midnight, and one cat at my Mom’s, Charlee.
This is my first time ever blogging, and I’m super excited to share my experiences with you!

Happy blogging!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sarah

    Hey Gabi! ‘Tis Sarah. Yes, I said ‘Tis.
    I love your About Me post! Also, you got first in hammer throw out of how many people?!? Out of the province? Wow. I cant even throw my dogs ball halfway across the field.

    1. Gabi Post author

      Hi Sarah!
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, I did get first in the province for my age group in hammer, but there wasn’t very many people competing at the championship. There were only four people there, but this is the first year that you can compete in hammer. You have to be twelve years old. So most people didn’t even know how to throw a hammer, but I’ve had some short lessons in summer and spring track camps with my Dad. But, overall, I did get first in the province. Thanks for the comment!
      Happy blogging!

  2. Morgan

    Hi Gabi!
    I saw lots of information about you.
    Good job on coming first place in hammer throw!
    Do you have fun in track and field?
    Your about me post was amazing!

    1. Gabi Post author

      Hi Morgan!
      Thanks for your comment!
      I have tons of fun in track and field! I like the sport because there’s so many different things you can do, and you’re always competing with yourself, trying to get your personal best, and be the best that you can be. I’m glad you like my about me post!
      Happy blogging!


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