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Hello world!

Today I’m going to tell you about bananas! Personally, I love bananas, and I usually have one before I go to bed if I’m still hungry. I heard that they help make you sleepy! Well, today I’m going to test that theory. I’ve been doing some research, and here are 20 facts about this amazing fruit.

  • There are about five different species of bananas. The Cavendish banana, the plantain banana, the Saba banana, the Musa acuminata, and the Musa balbisiana banana.
  • In Mecca California, there is a Banana Club Museum.
  • Potassium, magnesium, fiber, protein, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 all reside in a banana peel.
  • If you rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth for a few minutes every night, for a couple of weeks, it can naturally whiten your teeth.
  • Mashed banana with a tablespoon of heavy cream and honey makes a great conditioner that helps get rid of dry, and damaged hair.
  • To help cure a headache, rubbing a banana peel on your forehead helps.
  • A way to polish leather shoes is to rub the inside of a banana peel on the shoe.
  • Songs have been written about bananas more often than other fruits.
  • In India, a man once ate 81 bananas in half an hour.
  • Technically, bananas are actually berries.
  • A cluster of bananas are called a hand.
  • A single banana is called a finger.
  • The banana split was invented in 1904 by David Evans Strickler.
  • You can eat a banana peel if it’s cooked.
  • According to research, bananas can help lower the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and even some kinds of cancer.
  • The banana species Gros Michel went extinct in 1965 due to a fungal disease called Panama.
  • Bananas are at risk of going extinct, due to another Panama disease. If it infects one variety, it can infect all of them.
  • Bananas actually help boost your cheerfulness, and can elevate your mood, due to tryptophan, which is an amino acid that converts to serotonin, which boosts your cheerfulness when you have lots in your brain.
  • There are actually over 1000 kinds of banana plants in the world today, but most are disgusting.
  • Since bananas have high contents of potassium and magnesium, which naturally relax muscles, bananas do help you sleep! 🙂

There you are! 20 facts about bananas! As it turns out, they do help you sleep! I hope you all enjoyed and learned something from this post!

Do you know any fun facts about fruit? What is your favourite fruit?

Happy blogging!



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Anita Wlodarczyk: Hammer Hero


“I still throw with this glove. I still have memories of her. It was 16 years ago that she won in Sydney and I’m very happy that I continued this tradition.”

That was what Anita Wlodarczyk said after she threw the woman’s hammer world record while wearing her friend’s hammer glove. Her friend, Kamila Skolimowska, was a fellow Polish Olympic hammer thrower like Anita, and died in 2009 due to a pulmonary embolism. Anita Wlodarczyk is a 30 year old track and field Olympic athlete in hammer throw. She is from Poland, a country in Europe, and is the first woman ever to throw over 80 meters. She holds the woman’s world record for hammer (82.98 meters), and is a two-time Olympic gold medalist. She is also a successful learner.

Anita Wlodarczyk is industrious. She works so hard to achieve her goals in hammer, and trains to push her abilities to be a better athlete. She focuses on hammer, putting her time and effort into challenging herself, and making herself better. She perseveres through difficult situations. She gets advice and help when she needs it.

She is enthusiastic. She keeps a positive attitude with herself, her coach, and her competitors at track meets. She is excited when she gets a good throw, and is excited to work towards a good throw. She is confident and takes on new challenges. Anita loves hammer, and puts a good effort into doing her best.

Lastly, she is also strategic. She plans to go out and train, and informs the people she needs to coach her, so she can have support and advice. Anita is organized, and knows what she needs to do or work on, while still taking on new challenges. She listens to directions and follows instructions, and knows what’s good for her so she can make good decisions to help her throwing.

Overall, Anita Wlodarczyk has all of the successful learner trait qualities, in some way or another, and we can follow her example in our everyday lives. Trying your best, not just in sports, but at your house, your school or work, and in your community, you can put your best effort in everything you do. Being positive and confident in yourself makes a difference in your attitude, and rubs off on others too. Having a plan, not being afraid to ask for help, and challenging yourself can all help you become a better person and learner.


2016 WVB NYC | UofA vs UofC

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Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you about volleyball! I’m on the girls team this year, and we recently had our first game! We played three different schools, and hosted the games at my school. I like volleyball because it’s a sport that challenges you, but is also really fun. My team is really supportive of everyone.

I usually like solo sports. I do track and field, and I like it because you’re always competing with yourself, and trying to get your own personal best. Volleyball is a team sport, but in a way, follows the same sort of thing. Everyone on the team has their own personal techniques, and everyone has different skill levels than others. So you set your own goals to be your best and help the team improve. But really, the whole team is helping each other improve. You have to work together.

Volleyball is a really fun sport, and if you haven’t played before, you should try it out! It’s a great sport to work hard and have fun with your friends. If you don’t do too many sports, this might be the thing for you!

Do you like volleyball? Are you on a team?

Happy blogging!





Autumn Color Pumpkins im Whole Foods Market

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Hi everyone!

Halloween crept up fast, and I didn’t even carve my pumpkin! I went trick or treating with one of my friends, and I dressed up as a cowgirl! What did you dress up as?

Fall has come, but I can feel winter transitioning in already. Trees have lost almost all their leaves, the air is chilly, and I heard that it’s supposed to snow next weekend!

Every year, my school has a costume parade where each class goes around showing off their costumes, while Halloween music is playing. I like seeing other people’s costumes, especially the Strong Start kid’s costumes. Strong Start is preschool program for toddles at my school. Parents always dress their kids up with the most creative and cute costumes!

My favourite candy at Halloween is probably the Swedish Fish or Fuzzy Peaches. I also like chocolate. I mean, who doesn’t? I always try to find what my teachers enjoy when I trick or treat, like in grade two, my teacher loved Aero chocolate bars, and she ended up getting more than half of my chocolate that year. Sometimes, though, I have no idea what kind of candy they’re talking about.

This year my class created Halloween safety skits. My group got the topic of neighbourhood safety, and we had to show what not to do, and what to do. We acted out kids getting invited into a stranger’s house, and kids getting into a stranger’s car for a ride home. Then Patricia the Halloween Fairy(a character my class created) waved her wand, we went back in time, and made better choices. We performed these skits in front of the whole school on Halloween.

What’s your favourite candy? What did you dress up as? Did you do anything special at your school for Halloween?

Happy Halloween and happy blogging!