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Hi everyone!

Halloween crept up fast, and I didn’t even carve my pumpkin! I went trick or treating with one of my friends, and I dressed up as a cowgirl! What did you dress up as?

Fall has come, but I can feel winter transitioning in already. Trees have lost almost all their leaves, the air is chilly, and I heard that it’s supposed to snow next weekend!

Every year, my school has a costume parade where each class goes around showing off their costumes, while Halloween music is playing. I like seeing other people’s costumes, especially the Strong Start kid’s costumes. Strong Start is preschool program for toddles at my school. Parents always dress their kids up with the most creative and cute costumes!

My favourite candy at Halloween is probably the Swedish Fish or Fuzzy Peaches. I also like chocolate. I mean, who doesn’t? I always try to find what my teachers enjoy when I trick or treat, like in grade two, my teacher loved Aero chocolate bars, and she ended up getting more than half of my chocolate that year. Sometimes, though, I have no idea what kind of candy they’re talking about.

This year my class created Halloween safety skits. My group got the topic of neighbourhood safety, and we had to show what not to do, and what to do. We acted out kids getting invited into a stranger’s house, and kids getting into a stranger’s car for a ride home. Then Patricia the Halloween Fairy(a character my class created) waved her wand, we went back in time, and made better choices. We performed these skits in front of the whole school on Halloween.

What’s your favourite candy? What did you dress up as? Did you do anything special at your school for Halloween?

Happy Halloween and happy blogging!



4 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Abbey

    Hello Gabi,
    You didn’t carve your pumpkin this year! Well theirs always next year. I dressed up as a devil this year, and to make my costume look more devily, I wore my horse riding boots. Bad idea. My feet ached all night!
    I think the costume parade was really fun! I loved seeing everybody else’s costumes and seeing how creative they were. I don’t really have a favorite candy because most of them are super good so it makes it hard to pick a favorite! Wow you where really generous to give your grade 2 teacher all that candy! Did you save any Areos for yourself?
    I think it was really fun for our class to get up and do our Halloween skits in front of the whole school! We where all so brave! I did the skit about candy safety. I think your skit was great! Goodbye and have a nice day!
    Sincerely, Abbey

    1. Gabi Post author

      Hi Abbey!
      Thanks for your comment!
      I guess I’ll have to carve a pumpkin next year! I couldn’t find the time, and before I knew it, it was Halloween. I hope your feet feel better! Did you go to a lot of houses?
      I liked the costume parade too! It was cool going around the school, because usually we go around the gym in a circle.
      I agree, it’s hard to choose favourites when it comes to candy, but for me, a certain few come out on top. Of course I saved some Areo bars for me! It’s chocolate! Plus, I worked for that candy! I walked all night! (I think, I don’t actually remember)
      I’m glad you enjoyed my skit! yours was really good too!
      Happy blogging!

  2. Olivia

    Hey Gabi,
    I dressed up as the Cheshire Cat for Halloween, but you already knew that. My favorite candies for Halloween are probably Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp, and I weirdly love those kind of random mini hotdog gummies you will get once in a while. They are so weird but so delicious all at the same time! Last year my teacher put a sigh on the board the day of Halloween showing all her favorite candies. It was pretty funny. What were you for Halloween when you were really little? One year, when my sister was like 1 3/4, she was a lion! It was super cute! Happy Blogging!

    1. Gabi Post author

      Hi Olivia!
      Thanks for your comment! I like Kit Kat and Coffee Crisp too! I enjoy Twizzlers as well, even though they are like, completely artificial. Yes, teachers can sometimes go extreme to get their favourite candies. I sure would. You’re getting your favourite candy for free without having to do anything. Well, you have to do some campaigning, but it’s worth it.
      I remember being a viking for Halloween one year when I was little, and I had a plastic helmet with fake blonde braids attached to the sides. We were getting our backyard deck built at my Dad’s house at the time, and one of the builder dudes was obsessed with the helmet. He made me bring it out every time he came. My parents told me I was a purple starfish on my first Halloween, too!
      Happy blogging!


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