Throw, Throw, Throw!

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Hi everyone!

I bet lots of you have heard, or even tried some of the events in track and field, or athletics. Every year at my school, grades four to seven go to the local track and have a whole day of track and field fun, with friendly competition against two other schools.

I’m  part of the real track club, which isn’t part of school, and my Dad is the president of the club! My Dad is one of the top javelin throwers for his age in the world, and his all time personal best is 72.72. (seventy two meters, seventy two centimeters)

He is fifty years old, and this past track season broke the Canadian record for his age group. He competes in all the throws, and I’m nagging on him to try a 100 meter or a 200 meter sprint this up coming season.

As for me, javelin isn’t my best. My best is about 17 meters. But I’m getting better! But right now I’m focusing more on another throwing skill. Hammer! This past summer I went to a junior development (JD) championship on the mainland, and I threw a huge personal best (PB) in hammer, and got a first place medal, so I was ‘provincial champion’ in hammer!

I threw 23 meters, as a standing throw, and if you read my post about Anita Wlodarczyk, at the top of the post there’s a video that has a link to youtube where you can watch her world record throw. In the video, when Anita throws, she turns. I just stood, swung it around, and let go. It looks a lot more impressive when she does it.

I’m working on my turns, and my goal for hammer is to keep pace with my older sister. She is 14 right now. She threw 31 meters in hammer this past track season. Next season she’ll be fifteen. I am twelve right now. Next track season I’ll be 13. So If she threw 31 meters when she was fourteen, then I need to throw over that mark when I’m 13.

Basically my whole family throws! My Mom used to do track, and she did sprints and javelin, you now know my sister, my Dad, and I all throw, and my grandma throws in all the events and she’s eighty!

Here are all the throwing events:

Discus, like throwing a heavy metal dinner plate, where it rolls off you fingers and flies into the air.

Shot put, like a cannonball that you push out into the air.

Javelin, like throwing sticks really far.

Plus hammer, like a shot put on the end of a wire with a handle that you swing around your head and release.

Have you tried track and field before? What’s your favourite event?

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4 thoughts on “Throw, Throw, Throw!

  1. Christine

    Throwing is definitely in your genes! I really enjoyed my sprints (200 m and 400 m) as well as javelin. And…the best races were the relays!

    1. Gabi Post author

      Hey Mom!
      I like sprints a lot too! I’m better at shorter distance runs but I just enjoy running in general. I love the relays as well! They are lots of fun when you get a bunch of friends and try it out.
      Happy blogging!

      1. Peggy Morfitt

        VERY good blog with lots of information for someone who might be thinking of joining the fun of track & field. We have a number of seniors (runners and throwers) who are active members. So no matter what your age, you can come out and have fun.
        Gabi’s Granma

        1. Gabi Post author

          Hey Gramma!
          I’m glad you liked my post! You’re right, track and field is lots of fun and people should try it because there is a variety of things you can do, and they’re all really great for your mobility, strength, and of course really fun!
          I think it’s so cool that older people come out and compete or train.
          Happy blogging!


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