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Death in Space: Death by Alien

Hello World!

Lately in class we have been working on sentence structure and word choice. We found this video called ‘Death in Space’, which is exactly what it sounds like. I chose the first one to write a paragraph about, and today I’m going to share it with you.

Eaten by an Alien

As I bounced from foot to foot along a new, rocky, grey planet, I studied the randomly sized craters, taking notes in my head. N.A.S.A. was going to be so proud of me when I got back from this mission, because I discovered a whole new planet! Excitedly, I thought of cool names for this strange world. The weird sized craters were what really caught my attention. I wondered if the planet got lots of meteorites and powerful explosions.

Suddenly, I noticed a strange and out of place thing up ahead. It was curved out of a crater, which was cracked and misshapen. The thing was dark grey, covered in silver goo, and had little lines all over it that looked like wrinkles or sly smiles. Was it a space-tree? Or a cactus without spikes?

As I approached, I slowly reached out my hand to touch it. I poked it. Swiftly, immediately, the thing burst to life. It had no eyes, no nose, no ears, but I wish it didn’t have a mouth.

As quickly as an angry rattlesnake, it flashed its crammed mouth full of pointed sharp teeth, and devoured me down in one obnoxious bite. For a moment I could almost feel my blood trickling down the alien’s throat, until everything went black, and I was in so much pain and torture that I couldn’t even take my final breath.

Harris Burdick Mysteries: Missing in Venice

After being scared half to death by the school principal,(for reasons I’d rather not say), I never thought I’d experience anything as spooky, frightening, or confusing as what I’m about to tell you.

Heading home from yet another day of school, I was crossing the old, crumbling stone bridge that connected one set of aged, beige and stone houses to the next. It curved over the small canal in town. The loud whistle of another big vessel docking at the harbour rang in my ears, blocking out any other sound for a quick second.

Somewhere, a horrid scream sounded, echoing down the canal, freezing me on the bridge. Crack. Suddenly, a tall building toppled over. The nose of a massive ship slowly veered around the corner. A boat was in the canal. I spun around and dashed off the bridge, darting through small alleys with damp walls, and around large buildings covered in ivy. Scrambling, I swiftly climbed up the side of a chunky cobble building, which had solid grey stones sticking out randomly, perfect for foot holds.

I pulled myself up and stood on the roof of the building, gasping for breath. Suddenly, I had to dive for cover, for the ship had slammed into the towering structure beside me. The top of the house tumbled over, the bricks like skydivers somersaulting off a plane. Pulling myself out of shock, I spontaneously leaped into the air and crash-landed onto the front deck of the boat, because I had to stop the ship from ruining more homes.

Gingerly rolling over, I forced myself to my feet and rushed into the small, under-cover room where the big steering wheel was. Swerving around the corner, I yelled, “What are you doing?!” But there was no one there.